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Hydromed Light

A Height adjustable special mattress for the prevention and treatment of decubitus

90 x 200 x 5 cm

Hydromed developed this special heated mattress system, Hydromed Light, for patients in ambulant and residential care vulnerable to decubitus. With a support pressure of max 22mmHG, it offers highest comfort with maximum relief of pressure.

Place the Hydromed Light with a height of approx. 5cm on the existing mattress. It offers optimal height adjustments in the head/shoulder and foot areas so that the legs and/or the upper body can be rested in an elevated position. The mattress is heatable up to 360C and all textiles are washable up to 900C. You can continue to use the mattress with a replacement cover whilst washing the original. The 70kg mattress also fits into a height adjustable hospital bed respective of its lift system.




Height adjustable

Hard/Shoulder area to approx. 45°

Foot area up to approx. 30°

Foot area up to approx. 30°

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